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    Richard Mille

    RM 27-04 Tourbillon Raphael Nadal

    The brand celebrated its 10-year partnership with the athlete by launching a limited edition.

    For Rafael Nadal, "unstoppable" is the word that best expresses Richard Miller and his team spirit. Impossible to achieve. This has been the brand's credo for the past decade when designing the unique pieces worn by Spaniards on the tennis courts of the world. Their latest collaboration, the RM 27-04, is no exception.

    The RM 27-04 balances a lightweight design (weighing only 30 grams including the strap) with massive resistance. Its tourbillon movement suspended within the case resists accelerations of more than 12,000 grams, a record by Richard Mille. The movement is entirely supported by a micro-sandblasted mesh with a surface of just 855mm², consisting of a braided steel cable with a diameter of 0.27mm, secured by two PVD-treated 5N gold tensioners. This structure is unprecedented in the watchmaking world.

    Inspired by the same principles as tennis racket strings, the watchmaker fastened the cable to the tensioner at 5 o'clock, then began to create the grid, tying each main string before adding the cross strings. Braided above and below the main string, the cable is threaded 38 times through a hollow bezel in grade 5 titanium and finished in a tensioner at 10 o'clock. The movement is placed diagonally and is attached to the grid by five grade 5 polished titanium hooks that extend from the back of the baseplate with a 5N gold PVD ​​​​coating.

    However, the singularity of the RM 27-04 doesn't stop at its grid. Sandblasted and polished, the case is also innovative in its use of the unique material TitaCarb®. This high-performance polyamide has been reinforced with a 38.5% carbon fiber content. This addition of carbon gives TitaCarb® excellent tensile strength - 370 MPa (3,700 kg/cm2) - making it one of the most corrosion resistant polymers in the world.

    This new model fits perfectly with the watch collection previously created for the Spanish champion. It is unique in many ways, as it also marks the tenth anniversary of the collaboration between Rafael Nadal and Richard Miller. What started as a purely professional relationship between the 12-time French Open champion and the founder of the brand that bears his name turned into a strong friendship. According to the Mallorcan, it was a "very special" relationship, a friendship that stemmed from their mutual trust and admiration for their respective professions. The RM 27-04 is "Rafa"'s new ally on the field, with an abbreviated version of his name engraved on the case.

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    Tudor Pelagos – The Ultimate Buying Guide

    Many of us are old enough to remember when Tudor was still wearing the "Poor Man's Rolex" label. Although it has lived in the shadow of its outstanding parent company for most of its history, it has always impressed us. This is a rigorous evaluation of outstanding brands, even in their inconspicuous periods. Today, this label is completely wrong. Tudor may still be cheaper than the average Rolex, but the gap between the two in terms of quality and innovation has narrowed a lot in recent years.

    We can regard Tudor's dive watch as a perfect example. The current product portfolio provides us with a choice of two series: the eye-catching, nostalgic, and advocating Black Bay series, and the Black Bay 58 series is a particularly prominent series. Then there is the Tudor Pelagos series. Here, all past thoughts are forgotten, and the Tudor dynasty may have given us one of the best modern divers of modern times.

    In fact, Tudor does have a long and outstanding pedigree of diving watches, and has provided products for many underwater combat units in the world in the past. The Pelagos collection is the best combination of the best military traditions and the brand's latest innovations, wrapped in luxury tool watches that you might actually dive into. Below, let’s take a closer look at this unknown hero of the Tudor series and discover how good it is.

    The Tudors
    Main features of PELAGOS:
    Case size: 42mm

    Material: titanium and stainless steel

    Function: time and date display with running seconds, helium exhaust valve

    Dial: black or blue with luminous hour markers

    Bezel: unidirectional, black or blue ceramic, with 60-minute scale

    Crystal: Sapphire (flat)

    Movement: Tudor Movement MT5612

    Water resistance: 500 meters/1,640 feet

    Bracelet: Titanium with diver extension system

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    Michelle watches: a brand that is popular among women Jack Barouh, the founder of Michele from Latin America, initially targeted high-quality and colorful children's watches. The brand named after his daughter was an overnight success. Jack's genetics gave him the ultimate advantage of watchmaking-his father Maurice (Maurice) is a famous Belgian watchmaker, he has always insisted on using technology and quality to make the best works. Maurice's dedication to craftsmanship was passed on to Jack, only to make his family's notoriety much faster. The success of his child's brand was replaced by a more mature market, so (with the consent of Jack's wife Rita), the Michele brand was born in Miami, Florida, and flourished as a result.

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    To Bugatti Chiron, Jacob and CO. A tribute to the powered engine, creating a watch that mimics the engine of a car.

    This watch is extremely complex, composed of 578 individual components, and is a replica of the Chiron 16-cylinder engine. Perhaps the most impressive is the tourbillon cage of the watch, which can see the rotating escapement of the watch through the aperture similar to the Chiron grill. This feature made Jacob and Co. spend a whole year. The watch also has a replica of the engine piston, which will draw air up and down when you press the rightmost button.

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