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    Michelle watches: a brand that is popular among women Jack Barouh, the founder of Michele from Latin America, initially targeted high-quality and colorful children's watches. The brand named after his daughter was an overnight success. Jack's genetics gave him the ultimate advantage of watchmaking-his father Maurice (Maurice) is a famous Belgian watchmaker, he has always insisted on using technology and quality to make the best works. Maurice's dedication to craftsmanship was passed on to Jack, only to make his family's notoriety much faster. The success of his child's brand was replaced by a more mature market, so (with the consent of Jack's wife Rita), the Michele brand was born in Miami, Florida, and flourished as a result.

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    To Bugatti Chiron, Jacob and CO. A tribute to the powered engine, creating a watch that mimics the engine of a car.

    This watch is extremely complex, composed of 578 individual components, and is a replica of the Chiron 16-cylinder engine. Perhaps the most impressive is the tourbillon cage of the watch, which can see the rotating escapement of the watch through the aperture similar to the Chiron grill. This feature made Jacob and Co. spend a whole year. The watch also has a replica of the engine piston, which will draw air up and down when you press the rightmost button.

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