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23.05.2020 08:48
not go out for a walk, Antworten

Everyone knows that being helpful is a virtue, right? There is a place in the strange country. It's called helpfulness. In the helpful province, your life is a mess! In the morning, when you go to bed together, a lot of people will come to help you cook, brush your teeth, wash your face ... these people will probably go to the wall? No, this is because these people are thieves! If they want to steal your things, then you will definitely die: they will immediately rush out a group of helpful people from the province to help the thief steal your things. If you have a dog, the dog will immediately change face. At noon, most people are empty-the citizens help others steal one by one, exaggerating or even help others steal their own things! This time of noon should be the time to solve the case. Even if the helpful policeman is on the knife hill, he will have to find it. However, the police had just finished the oath, and he rushed out of the car. The car also helped people, did not consume gasoline, and ran fast. However, you will definitely ask: "All the items help the police, so it is not enough to throw out a rope!" Yes Marlboro Red, so the mountain also helps the thief ... In this way, all your property is back. You only ate breakfast on this day, must you be very hungry? All this does not require you to do anything, just say: "Help me!" Will immediately rush to a pig Cigarettes Online, jump on the fire and jump into the pan to add pepper, sugar to the pot ... then the plate will help you What about other citizens of the strange country? Don't worry about them, their bodies help others, don't want to continue their lives and kill pigs and sheep, so they live very strong. The air is no exception. It strives to purify itself, adding: disinfection gas m, edible gas, rapid breeding gas ... So, people here do n��t just have to eat, they can live forever if they are in the province of helping others, You must finish dinner and breakfast, otherwise, a large group of people will come in to help you eat! Moreover, you should not go out for a walk, because there are a lot of elementary school students outside holding the homework area of ??their classmates to let them copy it! At this time Cigarettes For Sale, there will be a large group of birds, and this will be troublesome. If you do n��t go up, these birds will wait here until they become dead birds ... No, they wo n��t die because of the air here. But, every night when you sleep, the chirping voice will come. After you sit on it, you will find that there are a lot of unlucky people sitting on it. Because there are too many people, the birds humbly give each other. As a result, if there is no team to go first, then the birds have to wait here Those birds
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