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24.02.2023 02:45
Because for avoiding bullet, they have to run some curved ways of S type Antworten

"Let the anterior ship open fire.Worry them"leaf the autumn again shout a way.
It is very quick, before spread an intensive gun voice.Along with this, those two ships rush speed to seem to be also to put slow come down.
Because for avoiding bullet, they have to run some curved ways of S type.
The autumn of the leaf leads of iron ship opportunity to hold tight, pursue relentlessly fierce rush through, finally and front a ship closed to.
Within the scope of visual field of leaf autumn, can already see a front thousand leaf Xunses embark of yacht shadow.
Identity nobility of thousand leaf the household spread a person to unexpectedly fall this, leaf autumn not from must have some sobs.
Certainly, it is more to is pleasure.Come out to mix, the one day there will wants to return.
"Open fire.Shoot on sight."The autumn of the leaf loudly roars a way.
The words sound just fell, four iron are on board at the same time deeply the tongue of fire of innumerable.
The yacht of front is like an obvious target sort, turn an eye be beaten sieve.

Volume 3 starts to stand back to be a person chapter 617 Gao rules combat:2VS2
Iron ship explosion that thousand leaf Xuns embark is opened.The fireball of combustion reflects red sea surface and the sky.Need not leaf autumn the bottom reach an order, all people all stopped gunning.
Remarkable talent and technological collision, the generation superior is buried in this endless ocean, the in the mind of leaf autumn is also a multitude of feelings surges up.
Did these person who are proud die so?Even from cradle to the grave learn don't develop of opportunity.
There are explosive and arms and supplies, again the fee makes an effort to annoy to practice an effort to exactly be worth with time unworthy?
"The order bottom goes and sends four ships to respectively follow east, south, west, four northern directions search and look for target person and notice, Be careful of a safety, can not underestimate enemy."The autumn of the leaf makes a noise an order way.
Although yacht is explode in his in front, but leaf the autumn in the mind still keep worrying.
Can remarkable talent the superior once beat to hand over a way, these people's physical endowments all differed with ordinary people, and they completely have ability to leave before the steamer explodes.This deeply sinks limitless ocean is also for their escaped to provide natural natural cover.
"Captain, hasn't the target person died?"A squad grows to surprisedly ask a way.He sends out to the leaf autumn of the order Be some to don't understand.
"Have very greatly yes may they have already escaped and search, as long as discover a target, immediately shoot to death."The autumn of the leaf again gives repeated advice to a way.He fears the gist of these people under suffer a los.
"BE."The bottom that the squad is long to promise, then pass ear wheat reaches an order.
Four iron ships respectively go to a direction and bomb the ground of Long Long forward noodles to drive.
Looking at their running of the breeze Chi electricity Zhi far, the leaf autumn in a soft voice sighs
Is afraid is that they all think thousand leaf Xuns dead, now of search just receive own order can not help but is it of.
"Leave, send me past."The autumn of the leaf points at opposite Hong Kong to say.
"Captain, do we first say "hello" with Hong Kong?"The squad is long to gingerly ask.He sees the ground come out, this young superior's facial expression is a bit dignified.Seem to allow the terrorist to escape.
In the mind not from must pray, luckily they give°ed these two bastards to send to the bottom.If make them run, saw this superior's facial expression to know, his affirmation wants to break into a furious rage.
"Need not, lead sea, send me over the sea" leaf the autumn put to say.
Thousand leaf Xuns didn't is killed by the gun as well as be killed by explosion by the ship, be drowned by the sea water or positive if pretend cold sea water at the ice in.
At this time, he sits upright at a lengthen a version of black Lincoln car in, this car is a ghost to copy is come over with the costliness lend-lease that the day rents 10,000 China currencies.The ghost shadow serves as driver one job in person, but they now the position of place is to pass Luo shore in Hukou drive into the big bridge of Hong Kong up.
Carry in thousand leaf Xuns' hands glass cup, the cup inside is that the rice yellow is like the liquid of transparent amber sort, this is what he without extra trouble led long out in club building of office from the red person, Japan Yi and household secret recipe made by fermentation to use to pay tribute to sake of the Emperor.
Thousand leaf Xuns are particularly the person of feeling, don't like an excessive change
But after once drinking this kind of wine, he then gave up his own favourite-red wine.

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