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25.11.2019 08:14
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As time goes by, the ignorant time of the sixth year of elementary school has passed away like a flowing water. We have already faded away from childishness and have grown into a young and energetic teenager. We must find a world of our own in the middle school age. Kneeling, although it is golden autumn in September, the scenery is not lost to the spring, the leaves on the tree are dark yellow, shaking gently in the wind, if you walk under a shade of trees, the leaves will be like butterflies Generally flying and dancing, but also fascinating. It��s just that this is inevitably reminiscent of a feeling of dying, but if not, how can there be alive in the coming year? The so-called "the old does not go, the new does not come." Not only spring is full of hope, in the autumn and winter season, hope has already planted seedlings, that winter bamboo shoots and plum blossoms are like this. The winter bamboo shoots are deeply rooted in the ground in the winter. Even if the soil is extremely cold, even if there is a boulder on the top, it is not afraid. When the spring comes, it struggles and drills, so he is accomplished. Plum blossoms are also suffering when they are frozen in the cold. Several thin branches are contending with the wind and snow. Even if they are broken, they will not give up. If they are cold and boneless, how can the plum blossoms scent, when he blooms, Mei Xiang is far away, and I can attract everyone to watch it. The scenery in the earth has such resilience, and human beings naturally do not lose them. During the Western Han Dynasty, there was a peasant's child named Yu Heng. His family was very poor. He had no way to go to school. He could only follow his relatives and learn. With the ability to read books, he gradually grew up to become the main labor force in the family. He had no time to read books during the day. I can only watch at night. When I can't afford the oil lamp at home Wholesale Cigarettes, I cut a hole from my room and sneak it through the weak light of my neighbor's house Later he became a very knowledgeable person. No matter what the world, they are working hard for their own ideals and goals. They are brave enough to move forward, no matter whether it is cold or hot, in such a difficult environment, they will not give up and bear silently, so there is nothing wrong with this world. What we can get with our efforts, now we have such advanced learning conditions, with the careful training of teachers and parents, we must let go of the "timely diligence, time and not treat people." We are middle school students, the hope of the motherland Parliament Cigarettes, the age of prosperity, and only by struggling to run forward, we can have our own world.
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