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25.11.2019 08:14
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In the summer of 2017, "War Wolf 2" burned in August, and it was popular all over the country, creating a box office myth of nearly 5 billion. A sentence of "I am guilty of China, although far away", the patriotic feelings of silence! I haven��t seen such a hot action movie in the bones on the big screen for a long time. Every minute of watching "Wolf Wolf 2" is amazed at how this is done. How can I shoot such a fist to the meat? ? It��s just too burning, the pride and admiration of the people in my heart. How much praise you get, how much you pay behind. For this movie, Wu Jing can be said to be "death and put on"! In order to shoot this "War Wolf 2", Wu Jing spent 150 million yuan, even dumping it all, and using his 80 million savings and houses as collateral to prepare funds Cheap Cigarettes. In order to shoot a shot in the water, Wu Jing soaked in the water for 13 hours in minus 40 degrees; in order to make the film more realistic, he jumped into the sea over and over again, which is a for Wu anyone. Great test. It is no exaggeration to say that he is really using life to act. No one can succeed casually Parliament Cigarettes. Wu Jing��s success today is that he has exchanged his efforts with 20 years of hard work. He exchanged his body with his body... ... Wu Jing has been practicing martial arts since childhood. He is 14 years old with his legs and his 18-year-old right arm is broken. He has always buried a great dream in his heart, and he has been fighting for it. When Wu Jing was 32 years old, he was concussed when he filmed "Black Boxing". When he shot "Little Li Feidao", he injured his right eye. When shooting "Drunken Monkey", the nose bridge broke. If Wu Jing is a piece of clothing, it must be an armor. Hundred holes. But no matter what kind of setbacks he encounters, he can't give up his dreams. In order to shoot the wolf two, Wu Jing went to the special forces for two years in military service, learned how to drive the tank, and skillfully used the guns, laying the foundation for the shooting of the wolf. Finally, many years of achievements and efforts have finally come to fruition Marlboro Lights, a wolf two turned out. In the battlefield of life, how far a person can go depends on his performance in the face of challenges. The innate capital that each person has may not change, but the dream is like the sun, no matter how humble you are, how bad your condition is, it can shine into your window. As long as you don't reject your dreams, don't give up on yourself, don't give up, and dreams can come true in big miracles. Therefore, we have determined since we were young, and we must work hard to achieve our goals, and we will be able to realize our dreams. Even if you miss out on success, at least you have worked hard and have not lost your time.

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