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24.12.2019 02:39
Teachers often say t Antworten

Teachers often say that after 30 years of age, they see that they are old. Only in their 20s can life be changed. The teacher often said this when reading "69th Junior High School Student". "69th Junior High School Student" is actually about Wenwen's life before her twenties Marlboro Cigarettes. Wenwen, a girl born in the 1950s, has been in the sixth grade of elementary school and is about to welcome her beautiful junior high school life. However, unfortunately, the Cultural Revolution began. This revolution not only did not allow Wenwen to go to Chengcheng Middle School, but also caused her to go down the mountain to the countryside to settle in Dawuzhuang Online Cigarettes. Her junior high school career and even her high school career are spent in this meaningless thing. But she also met her boyfriend. When she returned to Shanghai, she had to work as a saleswoman, working boringly every day. Unexpectedly, the college entrance examination was resumed one day, but she was born in such an unfortunate age, she had no culture and no opportunity, and had to be one of the most ordinary workers. Wenwen ��s misfortune, the twists and turns of the first half of his life are almost finished Cheap Cigarettes, and the novel is over. When reading this novel, the teacher always raised his head from time to time, talking about life and sometimes nostalgia. difficult. Wenwen is just a representative of this generation. This generation has experienced many twists and turns in the life of the hour, anti-rightist, great leap forward, cultural revolution, going up the hill and going to the countryside. In the end, it has to be a bland life. After listening to the novel, I always feel that life is changeable, unknown, as if there is a long road ahead, covered with dense fog, mysterious and unpredictable. Life is like this. After today, today becomes yesterday, tomorrow becomes today, and a new day begins. No one knows what will happen today. Just like Wenwen's life, she was about to meet the life of junior high school, but unexpectedly a cultural revolution occurred. She was planning to live a life in the village so blandly. The trend of educated youth returning to the city brought her back to Shanghai. , I will also experience such things. So we must be fully prepared for this life. Learning is a great way to prepare for life. This is cultural preparation. Many students feel that learning is painful and tiring, but who has found it without culture? Wenwen proved it. She missed the golden age of studying, and thought it was nothing, but unexpectedly resumed the college entrance examination, allowing her to taste the pain of no culture. When she wanted to learn again, she couldn't learn anymore. Therefore, we make full use of this golden time, learn more knowledge, and make more preparations for the future life. The pain in learning is temporary, and the pain that is not learned is life-long. Learn good knowledge, let it change its life, do not learn culture, let it be at its mercy. Although life is changeable, as long as you are prepared, you do n��t have to worry about the fog on the long road ahead.
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