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24.12.2019 02:39
Campus, our learning Antworten

Campus, our learning paradise, the cradle of growth. We desire to learn happily and grow up healthy in a harmonious and safe campus environment. However, there are often discordant notes on campus. Maybe because of a misunderstanding, some people add evil words, or maybe because of an unintentional mistake, someone raised their fists in the summer of 2017. I read a very educational book-"Anti-School Bullying Student Reading Book". The author of this book is Uncle Tong Lihua. He has won many national honorary titles and enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad. He has been described by the media as "the first person to protect the rights of minors in China." He has been one of the main promoters of the Chinese child protection legal system in the past decade and one of the most authoritative experts in the field of child protection in China Newport Cigarettes. The main purpose of this book is: from the perspective of actual situational coping, propose specific solutions to school bullying for each minor, let them know how to identify bullying, how to reject bullying, and let them fight against school bullying. In the process of growth, students develop a civilized and healthy model for handling interpersonal relationships. Bullying on campus does not necessarily occur on campus Online Cigarettes, including bullying among classmates after school. The main manifestation is bullying the weak, causing the victim to feel pain in the mind and body. School bullying is often repetitive, not a single incident. Sometimes one person bullies one person, sometimes the group bullies one person. Usually the bully doesn't feel that he is wrong, but the victim is afraid of things and bears in silence without daring to resist and report the bully. After my teacher's reflection on our legal education, news reports, and the profound feelings this book gave me, I summarized a few safety tips to prevent campus violence: 1. Do n��t bring extra money and valuables on your body. Such as mobile phones, MP3, tablets and so on. 2. Be calm and calm in the event, and respond and judge according to the situation on the scene. 3. When extortion occurs, you can give the other party some property and look for opportunities, remember the other person ��s physical characteristics, dress and tell the class teacher or parents in time, or tell the police uncle to let them protect themselves. 4. Alleys with few pedestrians near the school are high incidence areas of campus violence Marlboro Cigarettes. Do not walk alone in such alleys during school and after school. When we encounter campus violence, we must not be able to swallow and accept it. We should promptly inform our teachers, parents, or other guardians, and seek legal protection if necessary. At the same time, it is also necessary to repay the consequences regardless of the consequences. Malicious revenge will only worsen the campus, which should be a palace of pure land and civilization. However, the campus violence caused by trivia among the students cast a shadow over the peaceful campus. Here, I sincerely appeal to my classmates: Cultivate reason, and not let the beautiful youth be impulsively punished! Let us work together to dispel the darkness hanging over the campus!
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