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Raise a black dog as a bear. "It is a local saying in Xifu's hometown, which is similar to" raising tigers ", but it is different. Dogs are human. Good dogs are good dogs, good dogs are Do not bite. The dogs of violent people are not meek dogs, but crooked dogs. Such dogs often grin their teeth when they see people, especially strangers, and even look at the owner's winks and complexions. Maybe one day we will bite and hurt others. And the dogs of the wicked family will be the bad dogs. The handsome man in Qin Qiang's excellent traditional opera "Tour the Turtle Mountain" has raised such dogs, and he usually fights against others , Bullying the city, and doing nothing evil. Once at the shore of the East Lake at the foot of Guishan Mountain, innocent fisherman was killed, he happened to be killed by a handsome and handsome man Tian Yuchuan, but eventually led to a life lawsuit. Compared with the evil dog, the bear's brutal There is nothing worse than that. And look at the news report of the underworld leader Liu Han: At first, Liu Han and his Hanlong Group were just a little-known private enterprise. In a few years, they became the top of the " Capital A hawk, "mining tycoon", Sichuan "shoushan" and other halo criminal gangs suspected of nine murders and 21 counts Marlboro Red. Therefore, the phrase "raise a black dog into a bear" is used to compare Liu. The process of Han from "fortune" to "crazy" to "perishable" is also appropriate. The "black dog" can achieve the "gorgeous" turn of the "bear", the key is to support someone. Obviously, Liu Han is definitely not " Lie on the ground ". From the report, Liu Han started his life with violence, and then used the money earned to form a larger violent criminal group. Based on this, he attacked the business community and formed a The business empire. In order to stabilize the foundation, try every means to spare no expense, collusion with bad officials, infiltrate the local officialdom, gain political identity, and constantly look for greater power. According to Liu Han's ex-wife Yang Xue and core members of the gang, With the expansion of economic strength, the relationship between Han and the Chinese has risen. Guanghan and Deyang from the beginning have radiated to Mianyang, Chengdu, and even Beijing. In particular, they have the status of members of the CPPCC The level of officials he associates with is no better than that of the ordinary rich Newport Cigarettes. The "bear" turned from a "black dog" has been put in an iron cage, and he will be justly punished by the law. The right Marlboro Gold, for the "black dog" to "feed" and "meat" the personalities, should also be based on the principle of eliminating bad things, thoroughly investigate to the end, to give the people an explanation.
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