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d not give up on himself; Antworten

The poet Mr. Yu Dafu once said: "The people without outstanding people are the slave nations without hope Parliament Cigarettes. They are the poorest creatures in the world." I, an ordinary taxi driver, A grain of sand in the high-rise buildings; a humble star in the vast universe; an ordinary brother busy in the hustle and bustle of the city in the early morning. Recently, due to the tremendous pressure of work and life, and family responsibilities, I am almost choking. Worried about making money all day and living for hard money, it became a slave to make money. But I admire a teacher in the industry, "Sister Brother" Tian Sukun. He is a charismatic and talented taxi driver. When I saw the strengths in him and the shortness in myself Carton Of Cigarettes, I secretly resolved to learn from him with an open mind and appreciate others and myself. One day, I told my teacher about my distress. The teacher smiled and pointed at a lush plant in the garden and said, "Look, what kind of flower is that?" I glanced at the plant and said, "Yellow Incense." The teacher said, "Yes, this night light is only open at night. That ��s why everyone called it Yelaixiang. Then you know, why does Yelaixiang not bloom during the day but at night? ��I looked at the teacher and shook my head. The teacher said: "It blooms at night, and no one notices it. There is no interference outside of daytime, just to appreciate yourself!" The teacher laughs: "The flowers that open during the daytime are so eye-catching and praised by others. And The fragrance came this night, without any appreciation, it still opened itself up and scented itself, it was only to make itself happy. Is it not as good as a plant for one person? ��The teacher looked at me and said,�� Many people always It ��s to give the key to our happiness to others Marlboro Lights, and everything we do is shown to others, let others appreciate it, as if only in this way can we be happy. In fact, many times, we should do things for ourselves. ��I laughed, I said, "I see. A person cannot live for others, he cannot live for money, he must live for money, and he cannot live for something, but he must live for others and himself. Value yourself. "The teacher nodded with a smile, and said," A person can appreciate himself better only by admiring others, and not give up on himself; as long as he appreciates himself, I have improved myself; only by admiring myself can I influence others. You must know that Ye Laixiang is open at night, but many of us are dreaming of its fragrance. Teacher Jingtian's advice, I know what I want Learn to appreciate others and learn to appreciate yourself. Don't be distressed by life, let alone be a slave to certain things and money. Then you will be happy, happy, and happy.

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