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26.12.2019 10:07
yal life. War Horse i Antworten

During the winter vacation, the release of "Blood War Hacksaw Ridge" let me know a cruel World War II, and the book War Horse gave me an understanding of another warm World War II Newport Cigarettes Coupons. This book tells the story of a warhorse Joey during World War II. He was bought as a kid and met his confidante. A fifteen-year-old boy, Albert, took care of Joey until World War II began. On that day, Joey was requisitioned by the British military. It first served in the British military and was captured in Germany. He became a horse-drawn horse. After running away, he met Emily, she and his grandpa. Taking care of it, it was requisitioned by the Germans. Finally, it happened miraculously on Hat Albert's battlefield four years later. In the end, he was auctioned by the military, and Emily Jr.'s grandfather bought it for a hefty price, but when he knew of Joey's twists and turns, he returned him to Albert. What makes me most memorable is that after his companion died, he stood by the companion for a long time. It could not abandon his brother who shared the pain and suffering with it. It would not let the enemy eat its flesh. It did n��t care how the enemy threatened it. Joey just doesn't leave. He doesn't want to be a villain himself. He lives alive. No matter how the German soldiers fire their guns to warn and how to intimidate them, Joey never chooses to succumb to the strength of the Germans. Finally, the Germans started the tanks before putting Joey knocked away, but when the Germans decided to shoot, Joey's eyes weren't scared or frightened. When Joey dies, he also dies beside his companion's body. It will not forget that when he is hungry and frozen, his companion gives him warmth. He does n��t eat breakfast and always distributes his share of one of the few grains to Joey ... their feelings are so deep, they won't run away. At this moment, a German general came over, he sighed, and released his hood. Let him go. He was moved by this spirit of loyalty Carton Of Cigarettes. He would not kill a pure and loyal life. War Horse is not like a collection of poems. Instead of enchanting readers with brilliant pen and ink techniques, it tells the true and ordinary narrative of history, slowly moving people's hearts, until Albert meets Joey again, the two sides at war The ceasefire saved the war horse. At that moment, there was no national border, no war, only respect for the war horse loyalty, and there was no longer a bullet rain composed of machine guns, artillery and grenades from the sky. At the climax, the readers felt as if they were there and resonated tremendously. It is also because of this truth that let us walk into that history again to have its meaning Newport Cigarettes. Perhaps, today, decades later, we do n��t know the story during World War II. Another door of World War II, in addition to cruelty in war, there is also loyalty and tenderness. May peace live forever
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