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A novel that describes tenacious, moving, beautiful writing, is a history of the style and beauty of the western United States prairie. In today's society, sounds like dew in the forest are precious and beautiful. The storyline is very real but legendary. Because there were too many people moving into the big forest at the time, and the Laura family did not want to stay in the place where the beast was afraid of people, they left the big forest and began their journey to the west. After a dangerous journey in a horse-drawn carriage, they finally came to the prairie, a beautiful and dangerous prairie, where they met naked Indians, surrounded by wolves, burning fires and terrible Fever attacks and other difficulties and disasters. But this cabin still has a sweet time of self-sufficiency. They are tenacious struggles, romantic and happy lives, full of love and affection and gratitude for life. I am impressed in this book. It is the description of those dangerous moments. For example, when Laura crosses the river difficultly, when she is surrounded by wolves, the young Laura's psychology reflects the tension and her fear, and also reflects the "slowness" of time; On the contrary, when Laura and her sister were playing on the prairie and beside the river valley, Laura's endless realization showed the "speed" of time. Because of this, I have some thoughts. Time advances in a fixed and eternal way Carton Of Cigarettes, but people are like little Laura in the book, but they feel that it is fast and slow, so they have idioms like time and arrows. I believe everyone has had a similar experience-when you do things that interest you, time runs away quietly and silently; on the contrary, when you are very irritable and tired of doing one thing At that time, time seemed to slow down again deliberately, walking around you Marlboro Red, hesitant to pass. Time is invisible, untouchable, and has no fixed tense, but people often say "running with time". Just like during the exam, I saw that the time on the watch was only ten minutes from the end time. I still had a big question to do, and I was very anxious Cigarettes For Sale. -The sneezing of my classmates, the turning of the paper ... The flying of the pen tip is the pace of catching up with time. The sound of the writing becomes that rapid footsteps. Time is running in front of me, and I chasing behind. As the speed of my writing accelerated, time seemed to be getting closer and closer to me, with eyes closed, I was about to touch it, but the exam ended ruthlessly. I lost to time and left a small question to do After that, let time leave me a back, a windy and easy-going "Chalet on the Prairie", which witnessed the courage, wisdom and self-improving spirit of human beings, and also caused many people to think differently.
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